Understanding the World through Observing Nature's Connections
Information Policy

Make better decisions

Specto Natura provides insight in to how humans use the natural world, through the expert application of Earth Observation data.

Organisations around the world rely upon our project planning, data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting and training services.

Our team understands the fundamental physical basis of the measurements being made, the processes they illuminate and the socio-economic and conservation impact.

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Earth Observation

The Specto Natura team combines extensive academic backgrounds in environmental science, geophysics and remote sensing, with practical experience at the interface between research and operational applications.

We have completed successful projects for the UK government, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency.

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Project Planning &
Bid Support


Earth Observation is always changing.

New satellites are launched, old ones fail and analysis techniques evolve. When you're planning a project or developing a bid, you must know what sensors are available and how they can be used effectively.

At Specto Natura, we are always up-to-date and we can support your bids with vital background advice or in-depth involvement to ensure success.

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Project Management


Earth Observation projects present unique challenges.

Specto Natura has considerable experience of operational and research-driven Earth Observation-based projects. This means that it can provide an exceptional level of project management that is tailored specifically to the demands of the factors influencing these projects.

Small to medium sized and short to long term projects will be managed to the highest standards, with built in awareness of the likely issues and strategies to mitigate their impacts.

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Remote Sensing Consultancy


Earth Observation projects require specific skills and experience.

Specto Natura offers those hard to find skills, expertise, experience and facilities to undertake research and development activity and prototype evaluation and production.

We can work at your site or at our own facilities and are able to use standard software environments or bespoke systems.

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Feasibility Studies


Earth Observation offers unique environmental information.

Our feasibility studies maximise the benefits and minimise the risk of undertaking an Earth Observation project. Specto Natura provides the information you need to ensure success.

The Earth Observation capabilities will be described realistically, a thorough cost-benefit analysis completed and the future sustainability will be analysed.

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