About us

The key skills and experience of Specto Natura are focused on Earth Observation. These skills are built on an academic background in environmental science, geophysics and remote sensing and practical experience, in excess of tens years, at the interface between research and operational applications.

Skills: Extensive knowledge of remote sensing and Earth Observation, including image analysis for quantitative measurement and thematic classification. Physical environmental science. Applied geophysical investigation.

Experience: Fundamental work on the understanding of the interactions of radiation with vegetation and other surface materials, the practical application of this knowledge to the development of prototype systems to measure and monitor surface properties, the management and execution of large and small scale environmental mapping exercises.

Extensive work for UK government delivering products and advice as well as representing UK interests at the European Level. Work within a UK government agency undertaking a range of activities from blue-skies research to operational applications. Work within NASA programmes in the capacity of a researcher and reviewer. Reviewer for a number of ISI scientific journals.

Responsible for successful bids to UK government, European Commission and European Environment Agency.

Specto Natura Limited is incorporated in England and Wales with company
registration number 06575305. Its registered office is located at Woodridge House, Earlsbrook, Bacton, Stowmarket. IP14 4UA